Glimpse of heritage: Bataan

After an exhausting 3-month review and a three-day battle with mind-whacking-it’ll-blow-your-brain-into-pieces questions, lots of shade-erase-shade techniques and  tight prayers, we finally decided to take a short  break before going back to our normal lives. Besides, it’s a LOOOOONG weekend after all.  Headed north, I have only one place in my mind. Bataan. My hometown. I invited many of my friends but only three answered (LOL). So here we go.

Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar

Located at Bagac, Bataan, this place is the home of the old Spanish houses taken and restored from different parts of the country. After an hour drive from the city, we have found a spot to park and moved on to the registration booth where you can pay 650 per head (adult) for walk-in guests and free if you have a member with you or know one. Well i can say the entrance fee is worth it (inclusive of the beach, pool, tour in the houses,  cold towel and welcome drinks).

Your first reaction will always be, “Ganda, parang wala tayo sa Pilipinas”. Well, my friends and I proved it. The place is so clean and speckled with greens that you won’t feel the the sun prickling on your skin that much or may be I was just wearing long sleeves that time. haha

at the entrance

We arrived there at 12 noon but having the extra drive to conquer the whole place we’ve already started taking photos at the entrance. The place boasts dozens of Spanish Era houses and mansions,all of which has a history behind (and all of which you cannot find here). Witnesses of how Filipinos have suffered and rose up again. It is really a haven if you want to escape the polluted Metro Manila. Under the scorching sun and mild wind, we walked, posed and laughed until we were all hungry and thirsty. The place of course offers golden bottled water so it’s okay if you already brought one or two. (Yes, it is allowed!)

IMG_1810  IMG_1846IMG_1760  IMG_1839


  • The beach

When we arrived at the beach part of the place, deep curls of waves hugged the shore. A lot of beach goers are there too drenched by the comfort of salty water. The sand is fine, even though it’s not white, it is clean! My friend, Bridge, taught us the “Sand Scrub” and we were there at the shore scrubbing our limbs till it hurts – Aah! life! I wish we have taken photos now that I’ve mentioned that. I guess we looked weird during  that time but our skin feels so soft after that we don’t even need to put lotion on. Then, we just chased the waves. Fun but Exhausting! ❤

IMG_2471 IMG_2474

  • The pool

Want to take a little dip but afraid of the sea? The pool is for you. Overlooking the sea and the man-made river and the little stoneheads, this is a perfect place to watch the sunset. The water is warm and comfy, you can be there for a long time without feeling cold. Lounge chairs are also available but since it’s a busy day for Las Casas, we just settled our belongings on a rock near the pool.

IMG_1811[1]New ImageIMG_1638[1]

  • The Food

The place offers variety of food from food stalls selling kakanin and bibingka to an allFilipino cuisine buffet to an authentic Italian restaurant. We chose to dine some pizza and pasta instead of the buffet which costs Php699 per head (If i’m not mistaken).We took the free jeepney ride to La Bella Teodora, the old house of Doña Teodora – Jose Rizal’s mother. We have to wait when we got there as the place is jam-packed with hungry tourists. Inside, the place is very cozy. We settled to a classic Hawaiian thin crust pizza,a plateful of spaghetti Bolognese and Carbonara. I can never forget how spicy their chili flakes iswhich I guess is locally-made. Its spiciness differs from the commercially available one. It’s gonna blow up for head (lol) and will leave you teary-eyed. The pizza is great. I loved it!

This is the only photo of the food I have taken ;P (I was so hungry that time.)
And we spent the rest of the day roaming around..IMG_2475

IMG_1767 IMG_1809

DSC_0661 New Imagek New Imagen


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