Nurturing minds

It’s National Book Store’s biggest sale of the year! And from what I’ve read form their facebook page, every branch participated in it. Isn’t that good news? I went immediately because of a request from a friend and boom! Yay! I’ve got a new book for myself too. It’s called 8000 awesome things you should know by Miles Kelly which I’ve got for only Php299.50. It is a kids encyclopedia with pictures and facts and I can think of  nothing to describe it  but AWESOME!    

Also, I’ve decided to fill-in facts on my next entries (related or not) because I believe knowledge is for sharing. And I will try to make it look as interesting as possible like this one below. So yea,


Happy reading! :]


2 thoughts on “Nurturing minds

  1. How interesting! Thanks for sharing, nice post! Visit my blog, maybe you’ll enjoy as I enjoyed yours!
    Sincerely, Gonçalo from Unraveling the Beauty in Space


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