Art in Island (in the city)

IMG_2515-0 IMG_2482

Home of the dozens of 3D interactive paintings, this museum lies within the Metro. It is a collaboration of different Asian artists mainly Koreans and inside it’s like being adventurous without being one. (ha-ha!) I went there with my best NU bud, Cathy and her cutie princess, Daphne. We met at Gateway Mall and took a cab from there. We arrived there 5 minutes later. Now that was fast! lol (It is so near we could actually walk, but since it’s nearing 12 noon we decided to took a cab.)

Outside, the parking lot is already crammed  with parked cars,hinted us that a lot of people are actually inside then. We bought us tickets,surrendered our shoes(mandatory) and started wandering. I have here the necessities you must have! (taken from their FB page – Art in Island)



  • Camera – Of Course! Feel free to take photos.It’s what you’ve came for,e? Any will do, as long as you have extra batteries or power banks with you.It’ll sure drain your batteries out.
  • Jacket and socks – for those who easily get cold. Actually, the floor is the one really cold, like if you walked barefooted or wore thin socks you might actually have a literal coldfeet. I suggest you bring thick ones or you can buy at their Shoe baggage for only Php150,which looks like really comfy.
  • Friends- yes it’s a plural! This place actually gets better with many to share with.
  • Also, Tripod – It is allowed as long as you are willing take take the risk of it getting bumped. I used our bags as a counterweight to resist tipping. The good side is it can let you take photos as many as you want without minding who will actually push the shutter.

Inside,the place is massive with different theme in every chamber. To get the perfect angle you have to look for the right floor sticker with an arrow that points to the 3D Art. It is located at some distance from the art. Most of the time, there will only be one but there are also some that can be taken at multiple angles. This post is going to have of pictures I guess but I will only select a few shots to make this post shorter than it should have if I include all. (lol) Just a few favorites.

  • Optical Art Illusion
    • Best viewed in a large screen
    • You could see the dots moving in a circling motion. I don’t really get the black hole effect ’cause it’s not too dark and I can still see the edge but maybe it is the focus point. When you stare at it the motion starts and that amazed me! Wow! Really!

IMG_2530 IMG_2529

The next chamber is anything about water. It even had a Poseidon altar, a surfer’s tide, big blue whale, octopus and its crazy tentacles and an Angler Fish that is ready to eat you alive! Believe me, it’s an Angler fish, my friend called it a Lantern fish but her daughter corrected it and insist that is an angler fish. Afterwards, I went googling and she’s correct! Bright kid! Tita is now a fact smarter than the others. Yay!

  • The Mermaid

Girls without a top on or girls wearing just bras, long hair and massive fish tail. Our ideas of a typical mermaid. Here you become one, perched on a top of  huge stone behind is a very colorful under the sea background. Doing some backflip and the conventional mermaid pose, these two nailed it! ❤ ❤

IMG_2544 IMG_2545

  • The Angler Fish and the Surfer’s Tide respectively

FACT : The angler fish is not the Lantern fish. No, it isn’t.

lantern fish
The Lantern fish

This is the lantern fish is a small mesopelagic (meaning in lives in the middle depth of the of the ocean) organism and  it is aptly known for their aptly use of  bioluminescence

The Angler fish with its lighted esca

And the angler fish, on the other hand, is a pelagic and benthic organism (meaning it dwells from mid-depth to the deepest floors) that has an illicium which serves as a fishing rod, and most of the adult females emit light through their esca , the lantern-like end of the illicium – this organ  is what they use to lure prey in the dark.

Back to the museum, we managed to get a photo of one of the entrance neatly. Meaning without someone else in the background! Yay. Taking good pictures when there are lot of people inside to dwell with is hard. We have to secure the site first and take shots fast for there will be a long line once they see you taking a nice one. I observed that people take shots to the artwork as closely as possible. But that’s not how is it done, isn’t it. you’ll never get the right angle if you’re that near. Once we’ve try a run-for-your-lives-it-is-a-stampede pose but as we’ve got farther to the wall, there’s one Lola who put her apo near the wall and we have them both as our background, funny but true. So we have to take it again, and again, there’s another Mommy who did the same. *facepalm* On our third try, fortunately we had this one clean shot and it is posted below. We’ve tried to ran like hell in order to escape different  stampedes, tried to finish a chariot race, passed through a hanging bridge without falling, and we’ve been through heaven and hell.


IMG_2513          IMG_3546IMG_3549          IMG_2410

IMG_2549          IMG_3219

We’ve alse been through Arabia, Rome, Venice and country-side Italy in a day…

IMG_3547          IMG_2572

IMG_2370          IMG_2372 IMG_2527          IMG_2483

How about an artwork inside an artwork? Have you imagined yourselves inside the Starry Starry Night by Van Gogh? Well it’s not here but most likely. How about the scene in Inkheart where you’ll be burned alive by a fire-breathing dragon or being trapped in a witch’s lair like Hansel and Gretel? Have you ever imagined yourselves being favored by the King or the Queen, took an oath to them like Lady Brienne to Renley Baratheon or Catelyn Stark in Game of thrones? Well, we’ve captured some of our littlest fantasies here, not exactly but almost!

IMG_2411          IMG_2582


IMG_3551          IMG_3548

In the middle of our adventure, we found our hungry selves on its way the cafeteria but sadly, most of their food is not available so we just settled for a hotdog sandwich and a good bottle of water and iced tea. The café is nice, there were paint cans that serves as table stand, colorful tables and chairs, wall  arts and the people are very accommodating.

There are so much more like The Chair, which gives an illusion of a small person and a giant,but the line here was so long and people are so impatient that time. We got annoyed so we moved on. We tried floating in the ocean in a bottle, weighed ourselves in gold etcera etcera. They also have 3d rooms but I ‘ll be ending it here or else this will be twice as long as already it is. ❤ ❤

At the end of the day i found my exhausted self already wanting to take a good nap for I am so exhausted. So I bid them goodbye as they are bound to watch Heneral Luna with the fam. :O

If you decided to drop-by, any information that you’ll be needing is here again so you don’t need to scroll up again.

Until next post!! XX ❤ ❤ ❤



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