The Mind Museum – BGC, Taguig

I’ve been wanting to go in this place since I’ve heard that it has opened. Unfortunately, I don’t have the time and money for I was busy in school for the past year. So how did I ended up going anyway?

I’ve won 4 All-day Pass Tickets and 20 more discount vouchers!!! ❤ Thanks to ForeverLab.

So, I’ve won these tickets way back in December last year and its redemption period is up to December 31 only, but due to certain circumstances I was not able to go. On January, I’ve checked my e-mail inbox and  the words shone brightly, they’ve extended my redemption period up to January 31. And I was so happy that I already set the group of friends I am taking with.


here’s the photo that made me 4 tickets richer. woohoo!!

Moving on, the day I went there was also the first day I’ve ever set foot on Taguig. Being in Manila for quite some time now, I enjoyed going North but not South. I’ve heard the traffic is quite bad so I avoided all the South trips especially the bus rides in EDSA.

The Fort is a nice place. It’s everything.I would love to live there but I think the cost of living there will leave me broke! Moving on again, (I was just fascinated by the environment of this city) so we arrived late lunch and started wandering around. The building exterior is gray and nice. It gives a minimalist-futuristic impact. Anyway, simplicity is beauty. The staff are very accommodating. And the roaming inside begins…

The Highlights

The place is jam-packed with facts and people.  And my tired mind (just got off from work before we came)  just dozed off wanting to absorb all but only few were retained. 😦

  • Phosphorescent Wall

I love their Phosphorescent wall. It’s a dim-lighted room where a camera will took a shadow picture of you printed in the wall for minutes. It is a wall treated with phosphorescent powder/paint (the one you put to make glow-in-the-dark things). I tried taking photos of it using my camera, but I failed. HA-HA! It was nothing but a shadow in a glow in the dark wall and flash won’t work on it. Sadly, our McDonald pose was only printed in my memory. I wished there’s a way to preserve that image.

  • Static Ball

They say that your dry hair will stand if you touch this metal ball. (so most of my hair will?) But upon research, it says that it works best with Dry and Straight hair. For a minute, you are allowed to touch this ball and electric current will pass through your body. It says about the positive and negative charges but i didn’t seem to pick-up. I even didn’t try it but I enjoyed watching the others as they try.  So what really is happening in there? According to Steve Splangler Science,

“When two materials come in contact with each other, one material will take some of the electrons from the other. When the materials are separated, a charge imbalance happens. The material with more electrons is negatively charged and the one with more protons is positively charged. This charge imbalance is where static electricity is created. Shuffling your stocking feet across the carpet picks up the electrons. When you touch the light switch or another person, you transfer those electrons in a static charge. The charge you feel is the flow of imbalanced electrons.”

So that’s what what it says pala. 

  • ForeverLab Exhibit

Will you still love me at 150? This exhibit laid a futuristic woman who is turning 150. At first, we thought she and her story is real but upon reading the facts, she is the future us. ForeverLab also exhibits photos of happiness submitted by  people around the country. It also has a booth where you are asked to answer some questions and post your answers on the hanging strings that surrounds it.

  • Prehistoric Era

A museum won’t be complete without its dinosaur’s bone exhibit. Here they have one and some really more cool things like a real dino bones fragments, real fossils although some were replicas, it’s really nice to know.

  • The Moon

This part is my second favorite. In this section you’ll know everything of the outer space from the moon to the planets and stars. Also,  You can be near the moon, you can even hug it if you want. (I did!)  You can choose which phase of the moon you like by just pressing a button. We love the full moon phase with its bright and round appearance. They also have a mini Planetarium show which we were not able to see for the line was already long few minutes before the show time.

  • Piano Stairs

I’ve seen this on Facebook before, somewhere in Brussels where they’ve turn a staircase into something fun to encourage the people to use it instead of the escalator beside it. It was amazing that I jumped up and down the treads and made me some do-re-mi. Weee. No pictures here. I just enjoyed that part. It was my favorite that I neglect all the things that came after that. ha-ha!

I always feel exhausted after going from a museum. It was really tiring after all. With all that feelings that you can’t contain. The amazement, the learning that  you want to make sik-sik in between every neurons as possible, a place where sitting is almost impossible. But above the exhaustion is a happiness that is difficult to explain. ❤

More museum doors to enter soon! 😀

How to get there:

So we went there via Shaw-C-5 Road since we came from Mandaluyong but if you’re commuting the BGC Bus is available at  Ayala Avenue in Makati, this will take you straight to BGC. I don’t know much about the jeepney routes in this place.

For more info visit Mind Museum @
Address: JY Campos Park, 3rd Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
Opens: Tuesdays to Sundays 9:00am till 6:00pm
Entrance fee:
Adult All-day Pass – P750
Adult (3 hrs) – P675
Children – 475php
*******Tripod and extra lighting are NOT allowed.*******